Nadiya Hussain will undergo a course of therapy to explore the debilitating panic attacks she has experienced since childhood as part of a new BBC season on mental health.

Bake Off winner Nadiya says she was “nervous and excited” about making the BBC1 film.

She posted on Twitter: “We’re going to talk and it’s going to be difficult but we are sharing, which is all a part of the healing! Nervous and excited about this!”

Nadiya, who kept her condition a secret for years, saying she was ashamed to speak out, will investigate where her anxiety comes from, while searching for effective and available treatments.

In Nadiya on Anxiety, she undergoes a course of therapy for the first time, a process in which she “reveals the buried memories and key moments from her past that have led to her anxiety”.

Nadiya talks “bravely and honestly” about living with anxiety and panic attacks and meets other people to discuss how anxiety is affecting the nation’s health.

Actor David Harewood will present a BBC2 film about his experience of psychosis and former political aide Alastair Campbell will explore whether medication is the best treatment for his diagnosed depression.

The mental health season also includes a BBC3 film, which looks at the rate of suicide in young people in the armed forces.

The films will air in May to mark Mental Health Awareness week.

Alison Kirkham, the BBC’s controller of factual commissioning, said: “Over the last few years we’ve committed to shining a light on mental health helping take on taboos, challenge the stigma and bring the conversation out of the shadows.

“With the powerful and deeply personal films in this season we will maintain that momentum, continuing to take on taboos, challenge stigma and bring conversations out of the shadows.

“I’m grateful to Nadiya, Alastair and David for their bravery in allowing cameras in and sharing such visceral and personal accounts of their own struggles.”

Image credit: BBC