The period around A-Level results day can be a rollercoaster of emotions, says Jo Holmes, our Children, Young People and Family Lead.

More than 300,000 teenagers today end their wait for their A-Level results.

And Jo says students picking up their results will have gone through a whole spectrum of feelings, from total elation for some and failure to others. Whatever their situation, today is a turning point regarding where to go next.

“Last night, many would have been nervous and anxious because they have worked so hard towards this point,” she said.

“Today will be a mixture of extreme emotions. There will be some great highs and some huge lows that students will go through.

“They maybe did better than they expected or haven’t done as well as they hoped. They will make comparisons to other young people. They might feel it’s a barrier to their future.

“It’s an emotional roller coaster, and support is there for young people to help them cope with those emotions.”

Jo is a former youth worker and school counsellor who has 30 years’ experience working mainly with young people and families.

University and College Admissions services (UCAS) use the results to confirm and, in some cases, withdraw offers of places to students, but Jo says A-Level results can offer a period for reflection for young people.

“University may well still be an option – but it isn’t the only option – and university comes with its own issues, such as transition,” she said.

“Today is one day in the rest of their lives. It can be a chance to reassess and re-evaluate your direction of travel.”

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