Prince Harry has told how his new mental health television series will show examples of “the human spirit fighting back from the darkest places” and how he hopes it will save lives.

The Duke of Sussex revealed further details of the documentary series and his motivation for being involved in it, in an interview with The Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon.

He hopes the programme, which will be broadcast next year, will break down the stigma and shame surrounding mental illness.

It was in an interview for a podcast with Bryony two years ago that he first revealed his own mental health struggles and how counselling had helped after the death of his mother.


He told Bryony this week: “The response made me realise what an impact sharing my story could have, and what an impact other stories can have for so many who are suffering silently.

“If the viewers can relate to the pain and perhaps the experience, then it could save lives, as we will focus on prevention and positive outcomes.” 

Alongside Oprah Winfrey, the Duke is co-creator and co-executive producer of the series, which will be broadcast on the new Apple TV+ streaming service.


He added: “We are assembling subject matter experts as an advisory board to the series, the main reason being we appreciate this is a multi-faceted subject – and we have a huge responsibility to get this right. 

“In this process, I’ve already learned just how many studies have been done, and how much information is out there which isn’t reaching the general public. The facts and science exist, and we deserve to know it all.” 

The creative team behind the project was announced this week.

It includes Kahane Cooperman, who produced The Daily Show with John Stewart in America.

Episodes will be directed and produced by well-known and highly-regarded film-makers including Asif Kapadia, who directed award-winning documentaries Amy and Senna.

Big club

The Duke also stressed in his interview how mental health is such an important subject in all his work.

“It [mental health] is linked into so many different things… the experience I have had is that once you start talking about it you suddenly realise you’re actually part of quite a big club.” 

He added: “What I have learned and I continue to learn in the space of mental health, mental illness and self-awareness is that all roads lead back to our mental well-being, how we look after ourselves and each other.”

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