At this year’s Annual General Meeting, members will be asked to vote on a special resolution to make changes to the appointments of our President, Vice Presidents and Board members, as determined by our Articles of Association.

The first change proposed by the Board would allow the Association to appoint a President and Vice Presidents at any time, rather than only at the AGM. The Board believes this will allow us to take advantage of any opportunities that arise for appointing influential representatives who can help promote our message.

The resolution also proposes changes to the length of service for Board members, who would serve a maximum of two four-year terms instead of three three-year terms. While shortening the overall time commitment, this proposal would bring greater stability and consistency. 

Deputy Chair Caryl Sibbett says: "People joining the Board have told us that they would value more time to understand their role and then be able to influence the work of the Association; three years does not fully allow them to do that."

Board members who chair our Board delegated committees would particularly welcome the additional time to focus directly on their work.

See the Proposed changes to the Articles of Association (pdf  0.2MB)

This year’s AGM will take place on 7 November in Salford. All members are welcome to attend either in person or via our webcast. We’ll be emailing members on 1 October with information about all of the resolutions and motions and how you can vote. 

Once again, we’re working with Mi-Voice Electoral Services to make the voting process as easy as possible for you. If you don't receive your email, contact Mi-Voice on +44 (0) 2380 763987 or email