While coronavirus has been dominating the headlines in recent weeks, our members have been talking in the media about how to cope with the emotional impact.

Our members have been interviewed on television, for newspaper articles and online features with advice on how to look after your wellbeing with all the uncertainty surrounding the virus.

Vasia Toxavidi was interviewed on BBC London News for their evening programme on Tuesday and talked about strategies to cope with stress, anxiety and advice on what to do in the event of self-isolation.


“I hope that I was able to pass a calming and positive message to people,” she said.

Sally Brown, the new editor of our journal Therapy Today, spoke to the Huff Post with tips on how to cope with coronavirus anxiety.

Elizabeth Turp, who is in Liverpool, and Glasgow-based Catherine Gallacher were featured in the Metro talking about practical steps to dealing with anxiety. Elizabeth was also in the Independent.

And Hansa Pankhania spoke to the Huff Post about stockpiling.

Deep listening

Away from the topic of coronavirus, Lina Mookerjee took part in a live debate on BBC Radio 5 Live which focused on ‘deep listening’. She was also interviewed by Notts TV and BBC Radio Nottingham.

Charlene Douglas was the resident sex and relationship counsellor for Series 2 of E4’s Sex Clinic, a programme aimed at breaking taboos around sexual health.

The emotional ramifications for rape victims of seeing their attacker on a dating website were addressed by Naomi Watkins-Ligudzinska, in articles on websites Refinery 29 and Yahoo Style.

Deshara Pariag featured in a piece on sex dreams on the Huff Post UK website.

Lesley Ludlow, chair of our Private Practice division, spoke to patient.info for a feature on how to choose a therapist.

Lesley, who is based in Croydon, also spoke to the Evening Standard for a feature on improving mental wellbeing.

And our members Natasha Page and Eve Menezes Cunningham talked to the Huff Post about how therapists look after their own wellbeing.

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