NICE has relaunched its recruitment process for a counsellor to sit on the depression in adults guideline committee.

The decision to extend the application deadline came after we raised concerns with NICE about the short timescales and the lack of transparency and communications regarding the recruitment process. Applications had previously been open for a short time at the end of June.

The role will help shape the recommendations the guideline makes around interventions available for adults with depression.

Matt Smith-Lilley, our Policy and Engagement Lead (Mental Health), said: “This is an incredibly important opportunity to ensure that the voice of counselling is further involved in the development on the NICE Depression in Adults guideline. This guideline has far ranging impacts on what services, interventions and practitioners are commissioned to deliver mental health services for adults across much of the UK.

“Whilst NICE’s rules prevent organisations, such as BACP, from being represented on NICE guideline committees we want to raise awareness of this opportunity to be involved in the development of this vital guideline as wide as possible to ensure that the voice of counselling and psychotherapy is heard.

The deadline to apply is 10am on August 10.

Find out more information or apply for the role.