Over the past four years we’ve engaged robustly with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as they’ve updated their clinical guidance on depression in adults. We’ve made the case for counselling and psychotherapy as an evidenced and effective psychological therapy and reiterated our support for the public having a choice of all evidence-based psychological therapies.

In our response to the draft guideline consultation in September 2017, we raised many concerns with the NICE proposals. After coordinated pressure from mental health stakeholders and cross-party politicians, we were pleased that NICE announced an ‘exceptional’ second consultation in May 2018.

We again used this opportunity to raise our concerns, including questioning NICE’s privileging of randomised controlled trials (RCT) evidence above all else, its failure to include large standardised practice-based routing datasets and its assumptions of the cost-effectiveness of the recommended interventions.

Read our full response:

BACP response to the second consultation on the draft NICE guideline on depression in adults (pdf 1.1MB)

BACP response to the first consultation on the draft NICE guideline on depression in adults (pdf 0.5MB)

We’ll update you on the publication date of the final guideline when further details are available.