We’ve published a competence framework to acknowledge, value and support workplace counsellors, and those who employ them, train them and access their services.

Workplace counselling is a growing sector with an increasing number of paid and training opportunities for counsellors.

Employers are recognising it more and more as an important way they can support their employees’ mental health and wellbeing, whether they provide their staff with access to an in-house counsellor or an employee assistance programme.


We know there are unique elements of workplace counselling which require specific guidance and acknowledgement and have produced this framework to support the highest possible professional standards in this area.

The framework identifies the competences required for workplace counsellors to practice safely and effectively, but also highlights further opportunity for training and development, whether they already work in this field or wish to move into it.

It will help employers, commissioners, and trainers to identify the roles and responsibilities of counsellors, in the recruitment of counsellors, to commission services and to develop training opportunities.

Valuable tool

The framework provides a valuable tool to ensure that the counselling fits with our principles, ethics and standards.

We’ve worked alongside the BACP Workplace Division, which represents workplace counsellors, on the development of the framework.

Traci Postings, Project Lead, said: "We believe this framework will shine a spotlight on the importance of employee wellbeing and contribute to improvements to mental health in the workplace.

“By sharing this framework with workplace counsellors, employers, training organisations and EAPS, we can help embed the highest possible professional standards and shape further opportunities for counsellors and businesses within this field."

Julie Hughes, Chair of BACP Workplace Division, said: "We know that the world of therapy has so much to offer the world of work. Supporting the UK workforce with their mental health has never been more important and is a huge growth area for our profession.

"I've worked in business for 20 years recruiting therapists and we need this competency framework to give clarity to the expertise required to ensure that counsellors deliver high standards of clinical practice within this sector."

Watch Julie introduce the framework