We’ve made a strong case for key counselling and psychotherapy measures to help the nation rebuild from the pandemic in our submission to the UK Government’s 2021 spending review.   

The Spending Review 2021 is an important process for us to engage with as it sets departmental budgets from 2022-2023 to 2024-2025 and the devolved administrations’ block grants for the same period.

The review will conclude alongside an autumn budget on 27 October.  

The focus of this year’s spending review is to 'Build Back Better' from the pandemic, through strong and innovative public services and supporting the government’s levelling up agenda to spread opportunity across the UK.


Our response makes clear how investment in counselling, psychotherapy and coaching can help government to meet these objectives, demonstrating likely effectiveness, deliverability and value for money.

Our recommendations make the call for investment in a trained, professional counsellor in every school and college, as well as an increase in the NHS Funding Settlement and enhancement of the role of counselling and psychotherapy within the NHS workforce in order to ensure the NHS Long-Term Plan can be implemented in light of the pandemic.

Other asks include funding research into the impact of the pandemic on care home residents and staff, and how evidence-based non-pharmacological interventions such as counselling and psychotherapy can improve their mental wellbeing.

Additionally, we set out a robust case demonstrating how funding therapeutic coaching will help Government to address issues of mental health among NHS health and care staff.

We’re also calling on the government to invest in addressing longstanding mental health inequalities faced by BAME communities, by investing in a national programme of community level, accessible and appropriately culturally sensitive therapy.

Important opportunity

Martin Bell, our Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said: “This Comprehensive Spending Review is an important opportunity for the government to invest in counselling and psychotherapy and the skills of our members to support the mental health of the nation.

“The impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health and subsequent increased demand for services can only be met by additional funding and capacity across a range of sectors, including education, care homes and the NHS.

“Our submission outlines how putting resources into counselling and psychotherapy and coaching can support the government’s aims to rebuild the country following the pandemic.

“If the government is serious about building back better from the pandemic they need to ensure effective resources are in place to support the mental health of the nation.”