It’s been 10 years since we last reviewed the schemes and this, coupled with the possible adoption of the SCoPEd framework, means we believe the time is right to look at these again.

The review will help us to ensure that the senior accreditation schemes and associated criteria remain relevant and up to date. 

We currently have 1,600 senior accredited members, which is just under 3% of our total membership. 

We’ve contacted all our senior accredited members by email to let them know about this and will be updating them and all our members on the outcome of the review as soon as possible.

What if you’re a current senior accredited member? 

There won’t be any impact on senior accredited members while we’re reviewing the schemes and you can continue to use your title, logo and designatory letters in promoting your membership status.

What if you’re thinking of applying or have already started an application? 

We know that applications for accreditation can take a lot of time, this is why we’re giving three months' notice to complete and send in your application. We’re keeping the application form and associated guidance on the website until the deadline in case you need to refer to the documents while you’re completing your application. 

What if you’ve already applied and your application is in progress with us? 

As we’re accepting applications until 14 January 2022, your application won’t be affected, and we’ll process this in the usual way. If you’d like to discuss your application with us in light of this review, please contact us.