We have five senior accreditation schemes:

  • Practitioner - Counsellor or Psychotherapist
  • Practitioner - Counsellor or Psychotherapist for Children and Young People
  • Practitioner - Counsellor or Psychotherapist for Healthcare
  • Supervisor - of Individuals
  • Supervisor - of Groups

You can apply for as many senior accreditation specialisms as you wish, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for the specific scheme. Each application will be assessed separately.

Benefits of senior accreditation

All your existing member benefits plus:

  • use of the designatory letters 'MBACP (Snr Accred)'
  • a certificate of accreditation and a unique logo that you can use to promote your practice
  • professional recognition of your specialist expertise


To apply for senior accreditation you must:

  • be a current registered accredited member of BACP and have been accredited for at least three years
  • have been in practice for at least three years and have completed a minimum number of supervised practice hours since your initial accreditation
  • have a minimum number of hours of continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to your specialism since your initial accreditation
  • have an ongoing supervision arrangement in place (Practitioner schemes) or have access to consultative support (Supervisor schemes)

The amount of training and CPD hours required varies, so please check the specific scheme for details.


As a BACP member, you agree to abide by our Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and our Professional Conduct ProcedureYou had to read and agree to these as part of your original membership application. 

You should also read our Membership policies and protocols

As a senior accredited member, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the BACP Register. You'll have to recommit to these every year when you renew your membership online.  

How to apply

The process is similar to your original accreditation. You need to complete an in-depth application providing evidence of your practice, supervision and CPD. You must also complete a reflective practice section, demonstrating your understanding of what you do with examples from your practice.


Membership subscriptions run for a year and are reviewed annually. 

If you’re receiving certain state benefits or have no personal income, you may be entitled to pay a reduced fee. You'll need to select this option when you renew online. See our Reduced fee policy.

Renew your senior accredited membership

You must maintain your membership and renew your registration and accreditations every year by agreeing to the Register terms and conditions online. If you do not, your membership will lapse.

We will send you a renewal notice about six weeks before your renewal date. You'll need to log in to your account to complete the membership and Register terms and conditions, advise us of any changes to your circumstances and pay your membership fees. (If you pay by Direct Debit, your existing payment arrangement will continue unless you ask us to change it.)


Reinstate your senior accredited membership

If you do not renew, your membership will lapse on your renewal date. You have up to 31 days to go online and reinstate your membership.

After 31 days, you will need to contact us and complete our reinstatement forms. Please email membership@bacp.co.uk

You can reinstate your accreditation without having to make a completely new application. The process will depend upon how long your accreditation has been lapsed.

Please email accreditation@bacp.co.uk and let us know that you want to reinstate so that we can send you the appropriate forms.

Lapsed for less than 31 days

You need to complete:

  • membership terms and conditions
  • BACP Register terms and conditions

You need to pay:

  • your membership fee, backdated to your renewal date

Lapsed for more than 31 days but less than three years

You need to complete:

  • membership terms and conditions - your membership will start from a new date
  • BACP Register terms and conditions

You need to pay:

  • your membership fee

Lapsed for more than three years

You need to complete:

  • a new BACP membership application form
  • accreditation reinstatement form
  • BACP Register terms and conditions

You need to pay:

  • your membership fee
  • accreditation reinstatement fee of £230 for each accreditation you wish to reinstate