A newly-published survey of more than 1,200 therapists, including BACP members, highlights the complexity of working with therapy clients taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

The research explores the challenge of supporting clients to find trustworthy information about medication while holding to the therapist's remit and not offering medical advice.

The findings also show that most therapists would appreciate guidance and training on working professionally and effectively in conversations with clients about psychiatric drugs. Such guidance and training is now available at prescribeddrug.info.

Most of the respondents reported that clients had discussed medication with them and many felt that the client's use of medication may affect the therapeutic work.

The survey of BACP, UKCP and BPS members' experiences on working with clients taking prescribed psychiatric drugs is now available online with open access in Counselling and Psychotherapy Research.

In addition, a video is now available for the three hours free CPD based on November's event A short guide to what every psychological therapist should know about working with psychiatric drugs.