The Glasgow network group has been running for six years, providing a place for counsellors in private practice to support each other, gain CPD and discuss developments in counselling. 

Being the only BACP network group in Scotland, the group wanted to be accessible to remote and island communities. Before the pandemic, there was already a plan underway to combine their in-person meetings with on-line attendance for people who lived further away.

When the pandemic hit, the group upped the frequency of its meetings from every two months to every month and opened the meetings up to counsellors from all over the UK using Zoom. This year, the frequency has reverted to bi-monthly, but the open invitation for UK-wide attendees to join via Zoom remains in place.  

Within the group, there's a collective of people who are willing to share their expertise. This includes people starting out in the profession right through to those considering retirement.

The group currently operates with around 15 regular attendees. While two co-ordinators chair the meetings, the content and format of the sessions are largely determined by the group. A fundamental part of the meeting is being there for each other. Sharing real-life experiences, supporting each other and bringing people’s collective wisdom together is embedded into the meetings. 

A part of every meeting is dedicated to a broader topic (such as clinical wills or working online with overseas clients) and the rich knowledge people bring to the discussion is treasured within the group. Guest speakers have been invited to contribute too, providing specialist knowledge about social media marketing and other topics. Recently, the group enjoyed an informal training session about outdoor therapy and working with nature from a group member who specialises in this area of therapy.

Beyond all the support, networking and CPD aspects, many members say that one of the main benefits of the group is the chance to get alongside other professional counsellors and reduce the sense of isolation that can go alongside private practice work. 

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