Money worries, sleeping problems and working with refugees were among the range of subjects our members spoke about in the media this month.

Simon Coombs’s advice on what to do if your financial situation is affecting your mental health was covered by the Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express, and The People.

The articles featured data from our Public Perceptions survey that show 40% of adults feel anxious about money, with 16% losing sleep over it. Huff Post UK and Yahoo UK also published these figures. 

The Leicester Mercury and LeicestershireLive website also covered some data from our Public Perceptions survey, focussing on the figure that more than two-thirds of British people have experienced a mental health issue in the past five years. Our deputy chief executive Fiona Ballantine Dykes was quoted in the articles highlighting how counselling can help. 

Elsewhere in the media, Eve Menezes Cunningham’s tips on how to stop overthinking at bedtime and get a better night’s sleep were published in Huff Post UK, Yahoo UK, Today UK and websites. 

Katerina Georgiou contributed to a Huff Post UK article about what makes a good apology, in the wake of the Will Smith Oscars incident. 

Harriet Frew shared her concerns about new draft guidance on waist-to-height ratios and the impact this would have on those with eating disorders. She featured in the Independent and Yahoo UK website. 

Stylist magazine spoke to Nicola Vanlint about the psychology of exercise injuries and Jade Thomas about returning to work after a bank holiday. Jade also featured in Cosmopolitan in a piece about the rise of friendship CVs that help people find new best friends. 

Juulia Karlstedt spoke to Metro about climate doomism and how therapy can help people with anxiety about climate change. 

Relationship counsellor Carol Spiers spoke to Huff Post UK about what to discuss with your partner before you get engaged. 

Rhian Price, Pearl Ellis and Jude Boyles spoke to the BBC, the News Letter, and iNews about their work with refugees.

And Ruth Micallef spoke to Cosmopolitan exploring the social media trend of ‘glow up’ videos.