The support stage of our AGM motions and resolutions process opens on Monday 8 August.

Members will all receive emails inviting them to support the motions and resolutions they would like to be taken forward for a vote at our 2022 AGM in November.

We hope you’ll review the motions and resolutions that members have taken the time to submit and decide if there are any you wish to support.

To progress to the final voting stage, a resolution requires 5% of the members eligible to vote to support it.

This ensures that approved resolutions, which are legally binding on the Association, are representative of our members. This is in common with best practice across the charity sector.

Because of the threshold increase to 5% for resolutions, the Board introduced motions as a way to consider proposals from members and for members to help effect change within the Association. A motion requires 0.1% of the members eligible to vote to support it and while not legally binding is a very useful way of identifying issues currently concerning members.

Survey results

Following last year’s AGM we carried out a member survey to gather feedback on the motions and resolutions process. Thank you to the members who took the time to share your feedback.

The survey has been crucial in helping us to shape our activity and communications for this year.

We understand there’s still more we can do to help you feel engaged in this process.

As a result of your feedback, this year we’ve separated out the motions and resolutions and Governor nomination and election processes to make them clearer to follow. We’ve also lengthened the submission and voting window for the motions and resolutions to allow members as much time as possible to get involved.

The motions and resolutions survey was open from 6 December 2021 to 4 January 2022 and completed by 2699 members.

This year's submissions

As in previous years, there are some member submissions for motions and resolutions that our Board of Governors has decided not to progress to this year’s support stage.

As BACP is a charity, the Board of Governors has an obligation to act in accordance with our charitable objectives, as well as the provisions outlined in company and charity law, including various statutory duties.

Where submissions were rejected, we’ve been in touch with the relevant proposer ahead of the support stage opening, to let them know this and our reasons for it.

It’s not appropriate for BACP to share this information publicly, although proposers may choose to do this themselves.

In some cases, the Board felt submissions could be progressed with minor amendments. In these instances, our governance team discussed this with the proposer and in some cases the member chose to resubmit their amended motion or resolution.

We’d like to thank you again for your engagement through this process so far and would encourage you to continue your involvement in our AGM processes in the coming weeks and months.

Please look out for updates in your member ebulletin, on our website and social media channels.