Cover of Confidentiality resource

Confidentiality and disclosure issues for practitioners

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated potentially challenging issues of confidentiality and disclosures. While each case has to be decided on its own circumstances, this resource provides some general rules and resources which are helpful in decision making.

Cover of blended approach resource

Counselling under localised and rapidly changing lockdown restrictions

How do the constantly changing (often local) lockdown restrictions, relating to interpersonal contact, affect counselling? This exploratory paper, and related video, consider factors important to the client and practitioner when transitioning between in-person and remote provision of therapy and considers the blended approach.

John Wilson and Kate Dunn discuss working online and in person

Cover of risk assessment resource

Risk assessment

These resources will help you develop your own COVID-19 risk assessment and identify the potential risks you need to mitigate to comply with Health and Safety Executive standards. This resource is designed for private practitioners practising from their homes or from rented premises.

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