The past few months for me have been a series of very different experiences. The end of March before lockdown consisted of a tragic death, a second viewing on my house, and changing my private practice to online resulting in a massive reduction financially.

Shopping was a frantic stocking up on unusual leftovers in the supermarket, I still have a tin of potatoes to prove it.

Routine walks were a joy in the sunshine and I started taking photos of the trees as they started to blossom, flowers as the colours started to catch my eye and the sky. All of which I had seen on the same walks for many years, but it all appeared different during those lockdown months. Maybe I just had more space and time to enjoy it all.

The narrow bridges became an issue over the river at certain times as people waited patiently, in some cases, and other times there were disapproving looks depending on how close one might have got. The walks were now measured by steps not time, anything from 6k to 18k.

My birthday in April was unexpectedly spent with my daughter who had returned home a couple of weeks before from Australia, after 18 months. She was now studying remotely from England and working remotely.

I received presents through the post including a cake. Presents were left on the doorstep and passed through the kitchen window. I spent time with my family on WhatsApp.

As the months went on I had a few new clients, including couples on Zoom. I now felt online was starting to feel more natural and there seemed to be less freezing of screens. I really welcomed supervision and online meetings with colleagues.

I started writing and had an article published, something I have wanted to do for years and I will continue to write.

As lockdown rules started to ease, my house sold. Viewing houses with masks and gloves is another unique experience. Also considering my work, moving house and the restrictions mean that online might be something to continue for a while, which might not have felt like an option before lockdown.