Literally we are in lockdown because of a virus. We are communicating virally. Some of us are getting attacked by this virus and we are talking through technology virally, or is that virtually?

Our daily check-in revolves around this virus with the coronavirus updates and overcoming, being overwhelmed or in some cases people locked in by this virus.

We know more than we did but not enough. We have hope that those in positions will find that elusive antivirus done possible developing immunity but not the herd kind. We now know if we have the antibody we had it and the antigen we have it and we are all protecting from, shielding in, isolating away, or at least social distancing - to avoid that virus! We know cleaning reduces exposure to and contact with it. Yes we do but we learned this as the curve has bent! (Bend the curve.)

Never have so many collectively had to pull together around one common threat, which has given many inspiration, some hope for humanity, others a glimpse into Mother Nature, a sharing of real compassion and love. Some feel release of societal pressure, then there is the losses of life, of security, of employment and real poverty and detriment.

Some seek solace in faith, structures and routines and exercise and implement those strategies and tools we all are familiar with through our modalities.

The virus that has for many united in one purpose and the question I ask is what is our role within our field? Within mental health, as practitioners, therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists, as we are called upon, as the impact on psychological and emotional and societal factors become ever increasingly clear for years to come.
Right now we can already see the impact on mental health.

As our colleagues in the medical and sciences are working in their fields undoubtedly with test, track, locate and quarantine then there will be some social distancing and societal measures and treatment and the jag will come eventually.

There will be surely a need for the psychological field to step up and be ready for this challenge within society of the impact on our mental and emotional health. Can we have a united response?