There are differences in the coronavirus restrictions across the UK.

Businesses and individuals should interpret and apply the guidance appropriate to them as they see fit, ensuring that they comply with any relevant legal duties. It's the responsibility of employers and the self-employed to apply a risk-based approach and implement the precautions necessary to comply fully with public health advice.

Guidelines on going to work

Implications for practice

For businesses and private practitioners working in business premises

Across the four nations, the latest COVID-19 guidance allows face to face work to resume as normal with clients in business premises, providing they are COVID-secure and risk mitigation measures are rigorously employed. 

For private practitioners working from home

If your usual place of work is your home address, and you have relevant insurances in place, then it's possible to resume work with clients in a private dwelling (home). However, it's vital that your premises are COVID-secure, you've undertaken a risk assessment and are following isolating rules after infection or close contact with an infected person.