The Advancing Practice through Tracking (AdaPT) project had two main aims:

  • to evaluate the acceptability, benefits and barriers of using an online case management system in private practice
  • to contribute to the evidence-base for the effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy

What did the project involve?

Eligible members were asked to complete outcome measures with their clients and to record these within an online platform. As a minimum, it was suggested that members complete the CORE-10 or YP-CORE measure of psychological distress and the Session Rating Scale, but we had other measures available depending on specific needs. With both member and client consent, we pooled the anonymised data.

We also asked members to complete short, regular surveys about their experiences of using the system, how clients felt about outcome measures and any other feedback members had on the project.

Here's what some of our project participants had to say about the benefits of the the AdaPT project: