We're looking for members working in private practice to assist us with this 12 month pilot project which aims to:

  • look at the effectiveness of counselling in private practice so that we can contribute to the evidence-base in this traditionally under-researched area
  • evaluate the acceptability and usability of an online system for collecting routine outcome measures
  • understand what a larger scale roll out of the system might look like and how we can properly resource it

Why are we doing this project?

Research indicates that routine outcome monitoring (the process of monitoring client progression through treatment by collecting feedback using questionnaires) can benefit the therapeutic relationship and enhance client outcomes.

However, using questionnaires in routine practice poses a range of challenges, including therapist resistance and beliefs that the measures may be used against them if they do not appear to be ‘effective’. There are also practical considerations such as knowing which measures to use, how to use them and what to do with the information gathered.

We want to support our members working in private practice to routinely collect data through an online system called Pragmatic tracker.

What do we want you to do?

We want to make this system and approach fit with your way of working as far as possible, while also trying to collect a meaningful dataset.

We're asking members to collect the CORE-10 (measure of psychological distress) and Session Rating Scale (measure of therapeutic alliance) at regular intervals during the therapeutic work - preferably at every session.

We also want you to collect the PHQ9 or GAD7 where you deem it to be clinically appropriate. 

Anonymised data from all practitioners will be pooled and analysed by the research team  at BACP.

We’d also like your feedback on how you found using the system.

How do you get involved?

We're currently recruiting and training participants. If you work in private practice and would like to get involved, check your eligibility.