Choosing a measure

There are many ROMs available so, while we can provide guidance based on our knowledge of the field, your choice will depend on your and your clients’ preferences, the clients you work with and your own circumstances. See What is ROM? for some things to think about.

Examples of free, reliable and valid measures for use with adult clients include:

  • CORE OM and CORE-10 (measures of psychological distress)
  • PHQ-9 (measure of depression)
  • GAD-7 (measure of generalised anxiety)

We’re happy to talk to you about your needs and help you choose a measure - please contact

Scoring and interpreting measures

Each measure has its own scoring system so you need to understand how it's scored before using it.

If you collect measures manually with clients, such as using pen and paper, you might need to calculate them by hand. If you collect measures electronically, there may be a system to do this for you.

Storing and analysing data

There are several platforms available for practitioners to store and analyse ROMs. Many can also be used as a client management system to keep track of your case load.

When choosing a platform you’ll need to consider:


This is not a comprehensive list and other systems are available. If you know of a platform that isn’t listed here, or if you’re a platform provider and would like us to consider listing your platform, please contact We only list systems that include the functionality to store and analyse routine outcome measures.

Pre-post outcomes calculator excel spreadsheet

Cost: Free
Member discount: Available to all members free of charge
More information: Download the spreadsheet and guidance below
Pre-post outcomes calculator (xlsx 0.1MB)
Pre-post outcomes tool guidance (pdf 0.5MB)

Pragmatic Tracker

Cost: £180 per user, per year for individual licences. Bespoke packages for services also available. 
Member benefit: One month free trial
More information: Contact, stating you're a BACP member