The first time I heard about Pragmatic Tracker (PT) and its partnership with BACP was in an article in Therapy Today magazine1. The article highlighted the importance of routine outcome measures and the gathering of clients’ feedback. At the end of the article, there was a note inviting BACP members to join the AdaPT Project and I jumped on the opportunity.

I joined the project at the beginning of 2020 and it has been an asset to my private practice. The platform is very easy to navigate and the support offered by the PT team has been excellent. There are a number of introductory training videos available, as well as one to one tutorials to help participants get familiar with the system and have their questions answered.

The platform offers a wide range of outcome measures for adults and young people and it has helped me to assess my clients’ needs and levels of risk. It also facilitates regular reviews and helps practitioner and client to keep track of the therapeutic task, its objectives and desired outcomes. The system also offers several tools to collect clients’ feedback about their experience of therapy, such as the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

Positive feedback

I have received very positive feedback from clients, especially young people, who I think expect to see results more concretely and Pragmatic Tracker is a great platform to offer this. Some clients have mentioned that they find very helpful to use the measuring tools as a starting point to open up a discussion. I have recently finished working with a client and I used the summary and chart pages to review our work together. And despite working online, it worked very well. Although the client had a sense of how much they have achieved, they reported how satisfactory and reassuring it was to see their progress reflected on the graphs.

In addition to the variety of outcome measures available, the platform stores clients' details securely, it is encrypted and GDPR compliant. With some clients I no longer have any paper records as they are all stored in the PT platform. My notes are written more clearly, and I feel more confident about my records and the information I hold.

By joining the AdaPT project I now have a better understanding about the importance of outcome measures for research purposes and the credibility of our profession.

1. Brown, S. (2020) “Monitoring client outcomes and feedback” in Therapy Today, February 2020, Volume 31, Issue 1, p. 22-24.

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