Now that BACP has adopted SCoPEd, we’ve entered a period of implementation.

During the implementation period we’ll update our processes and systems such as our CRM database, the website and online application forms so they reflect the SCoPEd framework.

Our membership categories will be aligned to the SCoPEd framework with existing membership and accreditation standards being refined.  

BACP’s SCoPEd implementation takes place across three carefully planned stages - preparation, transition and integration between now and early 2026.


This stage will last until early 2024. During this period we’ll refine our current processes and systems ready for the transition period. This will include: 

  • agreeing the new temporary mechanisms to enable movement between membership categories during the transition period
  • sharing the temporary mechanisms with members by September 2023 and hosting an event to help answer any member questions
  • temporarily closing our individual accreditation scheme for around three months, by 12 noon Tuesday 31 October 2023, see our BACP news page for more information. 

While this development and refinement is ongoing, we’ll retain all other current membership processes, though applications for current senior accredited membership will remain closed.


This stage will start early in 2024 and last until early 2026. During this period we’ll:

  • open a new, temporary accreditation application mechanism that will enable members to move to Accredited membership (column B) and Senior Accredited membership (column C). This will open in early 2024
  • finalise new permanent accreditation routes and aligned membership entry requirements

Members will be able to move membership categories via the new temporary mechanisms where they can evidence the skills, training, knowledge and experience to do so. The details of these mechanisms will be shared with members by September 2023.


We anticipate this stage will start in early 2026. At this time:

  • BACP membership category entry requirements will be fully aligned with SCoPEd columns A, B and C
  • additional and permanent accreditation schemes and routes, mapped to the SCoPEd standards and competences of columns B and C, will open, enabling members to move membership categories should they wish to
  • new accreditation routes will reflect training and experience gained through practice and CPD

Courses may need longer to integrate any changes into their training programmes and will have until early 2028 to do so.

We’ll continue to support members with regular updates and work with partners as we progress through these stages.  

You can visit our SCoPEd FAQ page or contact customer services 01455 883300 if you have any questions.

SCoPEd implementation timeline