We anticipate the next iteration of the SCoPEd framework will be published early in 2022.

During 2022 we hope to be in a position where we have specific answers for individual members, but for many members, nothing would change.

If a shared framework is agreed, BACP’s next steps would be:

Step 1

The next iteration of the shared SCoPEd framework is expected to be published early in 2022, and it will then be up to individual bodies, including BACP, to decide whether and how to adopt it. The decision as to whether BACP will choose to adopt the framework will be made by BACP’s Board.

Step 2

BACP could then adopt the SCoPEd framework in 2022, and we would spend around a year integrating it into our existing systems and processes. This would include refining our existing membership categories so they more closely align with the SCoPEd framework. This is when we would be able to better answer questions about what SCoPEd will mean to you. 

Step 3

BACP would then have a clearly defined transition period, where we would work with members to make sure their skills, qualifications, training and experience reflect where they would be represented in the new framework.

Existing training, experience and qualifications would still be valid, and you would still be able to progress from one membership category to another during this period. There would be clear guidance and mechanisms in place to support this.

Step 4

After this transition period all our existing registered, accredited and senior accredited members would be represented in the framework. Everyone applying to become a member would have a clear view of what column they sit in. At this point, our transition period would end, and training course providers will be able to identify the competences and training standards they deliver using a common framework.