Why do you think the framework is important?

Ultimately, I think anything which supports the professional delivery of good quality counselling and psychotherapy is a positive. In order to gain some form of parity with other health professions then it's important to explore frameworks which are committed to professional standards.

Do you support the aims of the framework?

Personally, yes, I support the framework, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in making a statement on behalf of FE/HE counsellors or on behalf of the BACP University and Colleges Division as they will have their individual opinions.

What is your understanding of how the framework will benefit members?

I understand that if the framework were to be adopted, then it might give the profession credibility, which is something I feel positive about.

Are there any aspects of the framework that you are concerned about?

My concern is around the retreat into 'schoolism' and competitiveness across the field. The way the framework is currently laid out eludes to a hierarchy and could backfire, leading to further fragmentation rather than any form of unity. I also think that there needs to be some incorporation of evidence base alongside modalities.

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