How long will it take to process my application?

Applications for membership take up to 28 days to process from the date we receive your completed application. We will email you to confirm your application has arrived.

How do I set up a Direct Debit to pay my membership fee?

  • New applications
    Download and print out the Membership application form. Complete the Direct Debit mandate and post it back to us with your completed application form.

    If you need a Membership application form sent to you by post, please email your address to
  • Existing members
    Download and print out the Direct Debit mandate. Return the completed form to us by post.

    Direct Debit mandate (pdf)

Is there a charge for setting up a Direct Debit?

No, there is no charge.

How many instalments will my Direct Debit be taken over?

It can be taken either through 10 monthly instalments or in one single annual payment. You can specify your preference on the application form or the Direct Debit mandate.

When does my Direct Debit go out? Can I change the date it goes out?

The Direct Debit is requested on or around the 25th of each month. This cannot be changed.

When will I get my membership card?

We normally send out membership cards within 10 working days from when you renew online. 

You can also download a membership confirmation letter from your account on this website. Together with your membership card and BACP Register entry, this will confirm your continuing BACP membership for clients and employers.

When will I get my renewal form?

We'll send your renewal form to the address we currently hold for you six weeks before your renewal date. You can renew your registration as soon as you receive your renewal form. If you move house, please make sure you update your address details in the members area of the website.

Are registration and accreditation the same thing?

Registration does not replace accreditation.

All practising BACP members must be registered or working towards registration. See Registered membership.

Accreditation is a quality standard for experienced practitioners, designed to recognise your capacity for independent, ethical and competent practice. See Accredited membership.

When do I get my Therapy Today?

Therapy Today is issued every month except January and August. It is mailed out between 15 and 20th of the month. All divisional journals are published quarterly.

How do I upgrade my membership from student member to individual member?

Once you've completed your course - including the 100 hour placement - and graduated from your course in full, you can become an individual member. There's no need to complete a new application form.

To upgrade your current student membership, log in to your member account and upload a copy of your qualification for approval. Or, you can email with a copy of your graduation certificate if your membership has already expired. If you don’t have your certificate, due to a delay in graduation for example, we can accept a letter from your place of study which clearly confirms you've successfully completed and achieved your qualification in full (If your results are subject to ratification, you need to receive this before applying to upgrade your membership). This must be on the college or university's headed paper and signed by your course tutor or administrator.

If you've completed a BACP Accredited course, you must provide evidence of this when you upgrade. Accredited courses must provide their graduates with either an award certificate including the words 'BACP Accredited Training Course' or a letter confirming that they've 'successfully completed a BACP Accredited Training Course’.

If you can't provide this evidence, we'll be unable to confirm that you completed a BACP Accredited course and we'll ask you to complete the BACP Certificate of Proficiency before you can become a registered member. 

Please give us 10 to 14 working days to process your upgrade request - we'll always try to process it quicker if we can. We'll email you when your upgrade has been completed so check your email inbox or junk folder.

How can I reinstate my expired or cancelled membership?

If your membership expired more than 31 days ago, but it's less than three years since your last renewal, you can reinstate your membership online. Log in to this website, go to My account and click on the Reinstate link. Here you can accept the membership terms and conditions, add any additional subscriptions you want to your basket and pay your membership fees.

Your membership will start from the date we process your request.

If you're not sure of your log in details, please contact us so you don't create a duplicate record. 

If your membership expired more than three years ago, you’ll need to complete a new application. Contact us to update your details and find out how to apply.


What is registration?

Being on the BACP Register demonstrates that a counsellor exceeds the minimum standards a client should expect. All practising BACP members must be registered or working towards registration. See Registered membership.

When do I need to renew my registration?

You must renew your registration every year when you renew your membership online.

How much does registration cost?

There is no charge for registration.

Why do I have a separate registration number?

Your Register certificate number is listed on the public-facing register so that clients or employers can check your registration. It is also shown on your individual registered logo. Your BACP membership number is not shown publicly.

How do I get my registered certificate and logos?

You can log in and download your logo and registration certificate from your account within 24 hours of joining the Register.

Is there a fee to use the registered logos?

No, these logos are free for registered members to use, subject to our Promoting your membership policy.

How long will I have to wait for my Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) results?

You will usually receive your results around five weeks after taking your assessment.

If your membership is due for renewal before you receive your results, please don't wait to see if you have passed before renewing. We do not send results to lapsed members.

How do I find myself on the Register?

Go to the Register search and type in your name.

If your details do not appear, it may be that you have not yet met the criteria to join the Register or that you have not renewed your registration. See Registered membership.


What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a quality standard for individual practitioners, professional training courses and therapeutic service providers who can demonstrate high standards over a range of criteria.

Are registration and accreditation the same thing?

Registration doesn’t replace accreditation. All practising BACP members must be registered, or working towards registration. See Registered membership.

How long does the accreditation assessment process take?

It takes us around four to six months from the date we receive your application to complete the accreditation assessment process.

What is a BACP-accredited course?

BACP-accredited courses have been assessed by us against detailed criteria to ensure they provide high quality, professional practitioner training. See Course accreditation.

Do I need to complete an accredited course to apply for accreditation?

No, you don’t need to complete an accredited course to apply for individual accreditation. See Accredited membership.

Do I have to be a BACP member to apply for accreditation?

Yes - only registered members of BACP are eligible to apply for accreditation.

Can I apply for accreditation before I register?

No - you'll need to become a registered member before you can apply for accreditation. You must also be in practice, seeing at least one client a month, and be receiving contracted supervision.

What is a 'collated copy'?

In our accreditation pack, we use the term ‘collated copy’ to mean numbered and in order. This makes it easier for you to check that all your evidence has been included and easier for us to check that your application is complete.

When will I get my accreditation certificate and authentication letter?

When you first become accredited, we'll notify you by post as soon as it's confirmed that your application has been successful.

You can log in and download your accreditation certificate from your account on this website. Your certificate will be updated every year when you renew to confirm your continued accreditation. This certificate replaces the letter of authentication you may have received previously.

Are accreditation and membership renewed at the same time?

Yes. When you renew online, you will complete all the declarations and terms and conditions at the same time.