Are registration and accreditation the same thing?

Registration doesn’t replace accreditation. All practising BACP members must be registered, or working towards registration. See Registered membership.

Do I have to be a BACP member to apply for accreditation?

Yes - only registered members of BACP are eligible to apply for accreditation.

Can I apply for accreditation before I register?

No - you'll need to become a registered member before you can apply for accreditation. You must also be in practice, seeing at least one client a month, and be receiving contracted supervision.

Do I need to complete an accredited course to apply for accreditation?

No, you don’t need to complete an accredited course to apply for individual accreditation. See Accredited membership.

What's the difference between accreditation and a BACP accredited course?

Accredited membership is the next step for registered members who have been in practice for at least three years. Gaining accreditation demonstrates to clients and employers that you have achieved high standards of knowledge, experience and development.

An accredited course is a training course for prospective counsellors and psychotherapists that has been assessed by BACP to ensure that it guarantees a standard of training accepted for BACP membership and registration. See Course accreditation.

The accreditation process

How long does it take to process my application?

When you send us your application, we'll email you to confirm that we've received it. We then send all the paperwork to an external assessor for marking. This process takes around five months as our assessors also have their own professional work to do.

I've been deferred. Is there any help available?

You'll find information on the Apply for accreditation page to help those who've been unsuccessful with their first application. The resubmission guide will hopefully answer all your queries.

Do you have any tips to help me with my accreditation application?

You'll find our top tips on making a successful application on the Apply for accreditation page.

Are there any workshops I can attend in my area?

Unfortunately, we don't run any workshops you can attend in person, but you can watch our online workshop which we hope you'll find useful.

Accredited members

When will I get my accreditation certificate and authentication letter?


When you first become accredited, we'll notify you by post as soon as it's confirmed that your application has been successful.

You can log in and download your accreditation certificate from your account on this website. Your certificate will be updated every year when you renew to confirm your continued accreditation. This certificate replaces the letter of authentication you may have received previously.

I used to receive my accreditation renewal by post. How do I renew now?

You'll no longer receive the accreditation paperwork in the post to complete and return. We now process all renewals online. So you'll need to log into your account and click on the renew now button. This will be shown from 60 days before your renewal date to 31 days after.

Even if you pay by direct debit, you'll need to follow this process as you must sign the terms and conditions. The Accreditation statement is now included in the Register terms and conditions.

Are accreditation and membership renewed at the same time?

Yes. When you renew online, you will complete all the declarations and terms and conditions at the same time.