Individual accreditation

Are registration and accreditation the same thing?

Registration doesn’t replace accreditation. All practising BACP members must be registered, or working towards registration. See Registered membership.

Do I have to be a BACP member to apply for accreditation?

Yes - only registered members of BACP are eligible to apply for accreditation.

Can I apply for accreditation before I register?

No - you'll need to become a registered member before you can apply for accreditation. You must also be in practice, seeing at least one client a month, and be receiving contracted supervision.

Do I need to complete an accredited course to apply for accreditation?

No, you don’t need to complete an accredited course to apply for individual accreditation. See Accredited membership.

What's the difference between accreditation and a BACP accredited course?

Accredited membership is the next step for registered members who have been in practice for at least three years. Gaining accreditation demonstrates to clients and employers that you have achieved high standards of knowledge, experience and development.

An accredited course is a training course for prospective counsellors and psychotherapists that has been assessed by BACP to ensure that it guarantees a standard of training accepted for BACP membership and registration. See Course accreditation.

Individual accreditation - online application form

What new features have been added to the online application form? 

We've created a dashboard which shows your progress through the form and added a save for later button. 

You'll only be able to move through each section once you've populated each required field in the online form.

Once your application has been submitted, you'll be able to view your submitted application, but you won't be able to make any amendments. You'll be able to follow its progress from the date we receive it to the date give you your decision. 

Are there any differences between the downloadable Word versions of the application and the new online form?

There are no changes to the accreditation criteria. 

One change is the amount of time you need to cover in the practice diary. We previously asked for a four week diary of current practice but this has now been reduced to two weeks. If you’re part way through an application in the previous format, you can still submit two weeks rather than four.

Why am I unable to start the online application form?

Please check your current membership status, as you need to be a Registered Member before you can apply for accreditation.

If I’ve started completing a downloadable Word version of the application form, do I have to apply using the online form instead?

There will be a six-month transition period from the date of launching the new online form. So if you've started using the downloadable Word version, we'll still accept it during the transition period. 

I've had a formal complaint made against me, which was upheld by BACP (or another relevant professional body). Do I need to declare it?

You'll need to declare the complaint where asked to do so in the online application. You'll need to provide written details of the complaint and outcome, which should be uploaded as supporting documents at the end of the online form. 

Once we've completed our review, we'll advise you whether you'll able to continue with your application.

I've completed a BACP accredited course, but went on to complete some specialised training (such as working with children and young people, couples, etc). Where do I include this training course in the application?

Any additional training completed after you first qualified as a counsellor or psychotherapist can be addressed in sub criteria 8.1: Describe a rationale for your client work with reference to the theory or theories that inform all your practice.

Do I need to submit copies of my training certificates, as I've already provided this evidence when I applied for BACP membership?

If you've successfully completed a BACP accredited course, you won't be asked to resubmit a copy of your award certificate. If you've completed a non BACP accredited course, please do upload a copy of your certificate.

I have more than one setting for my current practice. How do I submit the details?

You'll need to add each setting separately, as you'll be asked to allocate your current supervisor or supervisors to each setting later on in the application form.

How do I evidence each completed practice session in the Practice log?

For accreditation purposes, you don't need to submit additional evidence of your completed practice. You'll need to make sure that each year of practice you submit has a unique description, so that it'll be easier for you to allocate your supervision arrangements to each year further on in the form.

I've only had one supervisor who has covered all of my practice. Do I need to submit the contract details more than once?

Yes, you'll need to submit the details separately for each year of practice. However, you only have to say yes once to the question: Did this supervisor supervise the case material you've used for criterion 9?’ to allow you to upload the completed supervisor report.

How will you know my supervisors have written the report?

Once you've submitted your application for accreditation, we'll email your supervisor confirming we've received your supervisor report. 

You’ve provided a box for additional supporting documents. What do I need to include?

This provides you with the opportunity to submit supporting documents relating to complaints, refusals or a copy of your course handbook.

I’m entitled to reduced membership benefits. Will this show in the shopping cart?

The online application form will be linked to your records so if you're entitled to reduced membership benefits, the correct accreditation fee will be shown.

I've been granted a £45 reduction on the accreditation fee. How will this be deducted from the fee?

The Accreditation team will send you a discount code before you start the process. Just add the code to the shopping cart before you make your payment.

Accredited members

When will I get my accreditation certificate and authentication letter?

When you first become accredited, we'll notify you by email as soon as it's confirmed that your application has been successful.

You can log in and download your accreditation certificate from your account on this website. Your certificate will be updated every year when you renew to confirm your continued accreditation. This certificate replaces the letter of authentication you may have received previously.

I used to receive my accreditation renewal by post. How do I renew now?

You'll no longer receive the accreditation paperwork in the post to complete and return. We now process all renewals online. So you'll need to log into your account and click on the renew now button. This will be shown from 60 days before your renewal date to 31 days after.

Even if you pay by direct debit, you'll need to follow this process as you must sign the terms and conditions. The Accreditation statement is now included in the Register terms and conditions.

Are accreditation and membership renewed at the same time?

Yes. When you renew online, you will complete all the declarations and terms and conditions at the same time. 

Senior accreditation

We've paused new applications for all our senior accreditation schemes while we review the schemes and their criteria. If you applied before the schemes were paused on 14 January 2022 and are awaiting your result, we'll still be processing your application as normal. You can read more about why we’re pausing the schemes in Review of senior accreditation schemes.