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The media spotlight on mental health is more intense now than ever, and has intensified as a result of the pandemic, with concern about the long-term effects of anxiety, unemployment, isolation, disrupted education and social care, domestic violence, addiction and recession. There has been speculation about what the impact of the pandemic might be on suicide rates.

Jeff Weston writes of the importance for therapists to be open about the subject of suicide when clients bring it into sessions. He also reminds us that therapists are not themselves immune from suicidal thoughts and feelings and, linked to this, Syd Hiskey and Neil Clapton write about the importance for therapists of self-care, with practical advice about activities designed to attend to this. Also in this issue, Rebecca Mitchell and Sadie Cissell offer guidelines for supporting women who might be reluctant to attend cervical smear tests, and John Marsden writes about this impact of lockdown on his practice.

John Daniel

John Daniel, Editor, Private Practice

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