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As therapists, we spend our working hours attending to our clients’ ails, but what is our role and responsibility when it comes to taking care of our ailing world? We all exist within a biopsychosocial context to which we are inextricably interconnected.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark reminder of this reality. But will it also prove to be a wake-up call? If the once denied but now patently real ‘magic money tree’ can manifest £2 trillion to bail the UK out of the current crisis, what value are we prepared to place on remedying the plight of planet earth – our one and only home? In this issue’s lead article, ‘A bold vision for a better world’, Petra Guggisberg Nocelli argues that the pandemic presents us with a choice to influence the global situation through our behaviour and actions. What choices are you prepared to make?

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John Daniel

John Daniel, Editor, Private Practice

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