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Imperfect therapist
Procastination: “The pull to distract myself from what needs to be done has increased massively over the last year or so."

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A year on

"We will be navigating uncertainty and change, for ourselves and our clients, for some time yet" 

From the Joint Chair, Rima Sidhpara

Working creatively

Sarah Van Gogh

"We have to move with the times and work in the world that is"

My practice, Sarah Van Gogh


Jim Holloway

"Supervisors are expected to own their power and use it as a force for good, but powerful roles can be played badly"

Supervision, Jim Holloway

Our emotional needs

Alex Sanderson Shortt

"Guarding against being co-opted into a coercively controlling relationship is a constant theme in relationship therapy"

Relationships, Alex Sanderson-Shortt