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Imperfect therapist
Standards: "It is a very different world in which to conduct therapy. It still feels odd to be in the bedroom with the client."

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Life goes on

Lesley Ludlow

"We are facing a mess at the moment, but eventually it will pass, and we will rebuild"

From the Chair, Lesley Ludlow

Tolerating disappointment

Sarah Van Gogh

"I’m always relieved when someone with whom I’m working… starts to feel like they may have some less agreeable feelings about the enterprise"

My practice, Sarah Van Gogh


Jim Holloway

"Our capacity for acting with real integrity is tested and strengthened where fear and shame are felt"

Supervision, Jim Holloway

Never the same

Alex Sanderson Shortt

"Holding two truths, and validating each, is one of the particular challenges of relationship therapy"

Relationships, Alex Sanderson-Shortt