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Inner me
Kevin Snow, BACP Spirituality division Executive Deputy Chair, talks about the the things that inspire him.

The network
Key learnings from BACP Spirituality network meetings

BACP news
News from the BACP Spirituality division


Cherishing the opportunity

"I have always maintained a belief in the Buddhist humanistic values of non-violence, compassion and wisdom: helping us to live a more peaceful life"

From the Chair, Kath Lock-Giddy

Spirituality’s new clothes

Jose Leal

"Today, we adamantly believe we deserve to have everything we want. We construct false narratives centred around indulgence and omnipotence"

Spiritually ambivalent therapist, José Luis Leal 

Mountains and mindfulness

Alistair Ross

"Sitting in a cloud on a mountaintop brings its fair share of anxiety"

Real world spirituality, Alistair Ross


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