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Mima Cornish is an integrative counsellor and new BACP Spirituality division network meeting facilitator for the North West

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A continuous state of change

"Human beings’ strength lies in our ability to connect with each other and to form strong relationships, even during difficult times"

From the Chair, Kath Lock-Giddy

The four tasks of psyche

Jose Leal

"Our job as therapists is to activate that inner helper in our clients so they can accomplish the monumental tasks life throws at them. We are very much in the work  with them, completing the same tasks ourselves"

Spiritually ambivalent therapist, José Luis Leal 

Cancer and the spirit

Alistair Ross

"While spirituality can be a great resource, it can also become a source of anxiety. An apparently rock-solid faith can discover deep cracks at times of overwhelming pressure"

Real world spirituality, Alistair Ross


1 5 November 2022).