Can you describe your work

I supervise and support the 11 Customer Services Officers at BACP. I became Supervisor in December 2020, reporting to the Membership and Customer Services Manager. Between us, we have over 20 years’ experience at BACP. We are passionate about providing consistent, high-quality service for our members, the public and wider stakeholders. The Customer Services department now fits within the Marketing and Engagement strand of BACP, and BACP’s objective of listening to, learning from, and working with our members is at the heart of what we do.

And you play an important part in the BACP Spirituality division too

Yes. I’m special interest lead (SIL) for the BACP Spirituality division. This is voluntary and in addition to my supervisor role. I work to help maintain a strong relationship between BACP and the division by acting as the main staff link between the two. I represent the interests and views of the divisional Executive Committee within BACP and share news from BACP with the division. I also help to ensure the Executive members have the support they need from BACP staff.

I chose to do this because it’s an opportunity to develop my understanding of the profession in a wider context. The BACP Spirituality division recognises that we should see people as a whole, including their spiritual beliefs and lived experience. The SIL role gives me a sense of purpose. I am working with the BACP Spirituality division’s Exec’ and its members to be part of something bigger, which aims to contribute to the wellbeing of society.

What does your day look like?

We [the Customer Services department] are the first point of contact for BACP by phone and email and we respond to questions about membership, accreditation, registration, Certificates of Proficiency, divisions, events, journals, and the many other products and services that BACP produces. Ethical queries are passed to the relevant team, so that they can respond. We also get calls from the public looking to train in therapy, and from those seeking therapy.

What do you love about your job?

I have a keen interest in counselling and psychotherapy, and I am fascinated and often humbled by the work of our members. We are often contacted at pivotal moments in people’s lives, when they are looking to train for a career in the profession, or are seeking therapy. Members might contact us at touch points on their journeys, when they are seeking additional resources or support. I have always felt it a privilege to play my part, and I am now in a position to lead by example and instill these values within the team.

Any challenges?

It has been challenging working remotely, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, as we had limited phone lines available and staff were at a minimum. However, these issues have now been resolved with new software. We have also doubled the number of staff in the team. Training remotely has had its challenges, but I feel we have embraced this. I am positive that the team will go from strength to strength as they grow with experience.

Do you encounter issues of faith and spirituality in the course of your work?

As a Christian, I feel that I am living out my purpose in the workplace. BACP promotes servant leadership. I see this as focusing on the needs of others, acknowledging other perspectives, giving support, and wanting to serve, rather than be served. This isn’t just a philosophy, it is congruent with my faith and values. It is what I offer my team, and what I receive from my manager. I am proud to work for BACP and be part of its BACP Spirituality division, and I promote both whenever possible.