Can we, and indeed should we, from our position as therapists and counsellors, reach beyond our clients’ inner worlds and try to impact on their outer worlds?

In this free online resource for BACP members, Dr Beverley Costa aims to help you answer this question. Beginning with an examination of our desire to 'do more', you'll consider therapeutically framed social entrepreneurism as a possible response.

Beverley will introduce you to a structure for piloting social enterprise projects – The Social Response Cycle, and you’ll be invited to trial it, building up your confidence and applying it to your own ideas for social action and response projects.

About the resource

The resource includes six sections, comprising of audio recordings voiced by Beverley Costa, animated case studies and learning videos, reading, infographics and handout downloads.

View the learning outcomes for the full resource in the introduction.

Key information

  • the resource will take approximately six hours to complete and doesn't need to be finished in one go, but can be worked through at your leisure. You can also re-visit the resource as many times as you wish.
  • you can download a CPD certificate and supporting documents, and view all references at the end
  • the resource is fully accessible, with word transcripts for audio recordings and subtitles available for each animated video
  • we'd value your feedback on this resource. Let us know your thoughts via our quick survey.

Tips for the best experience

  • use plug in speakers or headphones for the best sound quality. The audio can also be increased by adjusting the volume within the video player.
  • the videos support full screen mode by selecting the square icon in the bottom right hand corner
  • if you have any issues with buffering (stopping and starting of the videos), hover over the video until you can see the progress bar at the bottom. You’ll see the letters HD on the right hand side at the bottom. Click on these letters and then select SD to adjust the video quality.

About Dr Beverley Costa

Beverley Costa, a psychotherapist, set up Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service Mothertongue in 2000 in response to a gap in services she observed in Reading, the town in which she lived and worked. This was the first social response project she had ever initiated. In 2018, Mothertongue completed a successful handover and integration of its Interpreter Service and some of its therapy model into the local NHS Mental Health Service.

She founded the Pasalo Project in 2017 to disseminate the learning from nearly two decades of Mothertongue’s service, research and creative activities. She set up the Bilingual Therapist and Mental Health Interpreter Forum in 2010. Beverley received her Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Public Works from Metanoia/Middlesex University in 2012 and in 2013 she established Colleagues Across Borders offering pro bono peer support to refugee psychosocial workers and interpreters who are based in North Africa.

Beverley is a Senior Practitioner Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London and she has written a number of papers and chapters on therapy, supervision and training across languages with and without an interpreter. Together with Professor Jean Marc Dewaele, they won the 2013 BACP Equality and Diversity Research Award. With Professor Teresa Murjas, in 2018, Beverley co-founded Around the Well, a performance group of interpreters and other practitioners. The group performs stories about migration, identity, languages, loss and transformation. Beverley has developed and delivers a programme of training for therapists and clinical supervisors in culturally and linguistically sensitive therapeutic practice and clinical supervision. Her book: Other Tongues – psychological therapies in a multilingual world, will be published in 2020 by PCCS Books.


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