Now you've completed this resource, you'll have:

  • considered your own motivations as a therapist for taking action in the face of social injustice 
  • described the difference between social advocacy, social action and social entrepreneurship 
  • conceptualised the differences between the professional and ethical frames of therapist and social entrepreneur  
  • made an audit of your skills and the skills you need to develop for this context 
  • identified ethical tensions within a social action project and ways to manage them 
  • described the rationale behind and the structure of the Social Response Cycle 
  • applied the Social Response Cycle to your own social action project 

Closing thoughts

Beverley provides some closing thoughts.

Audio recording transcript

I hope you enjoy generating ideas for addressing social inequalities and, even more, I hope you enjoy making them happen. I chose the word “enjoy” because the projects I have been a part of have often been small but useful and they have brought me great satisfaction, companionship and gratitude.

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Section one - Why take action? 

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Section two - The Social Response Cycle and social entrepreneurship

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The 3-minute Kolb 

Section three - resourcing the response

Budgeting advice from

The Small Charities Coalition  

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