Extract from the Ethical Framework

74. All trainers will have the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to be competent teachers and facilitators of learning for what is being provided.

75. Any information about the teaching, education or learning opportunities being provided will be accurate and enable potential students to make an informed choice.

76. Any selection of students will be fair, respectful and transparent to candidates and use procedures designed to select suitable students.

77. Any assessments of students will be fair, respectful and provide reasoned explanations for the outcome to the students.

78. Care will be taken when using examples of work with clients for teaching purposes that the client information is used with the consent of the person or sufficiently anonymised so that the person concerned cannot be identified by any means reasonably likely to be used.

79. Trainers and educators will model high levels of good practice in their work, particularly with regard to expected levels of competence and professionalism, relationship building, the management of personal boundaries, any dual relationships, conflicts of interest and avoiding exploitation.

80. Trainers and educators will encourage trainees to raise any concerns at the earliest opportunity and have processes and policies for addressing any trainee’s concerns. Trainers and educators are responsible for providing opportunities for trainees to discuss any of their practice-related difficulties without blame or unjustified criticism and, when appropriate, to support trainees in taking positive actions to resolve difficulties.

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What are the essential skills and knowledge that a trainer needs over and above being a good counsellor or psychotherapist?

What is the concern behind the new requirements about using examples of work with clients for teaching in Good Practice point 78 – especially if the example is anonymised?

How should a trainer implement Good Practice, point 80, that encourages trainees to raise any concerns and to discuss any practice-related difficulties without blame? What if the trainee can’t or won’t improve and works at a level below the required standard?