Whether you're a student, a practitioner or a trainer, our new research resources are designed to support you to use research in your practice.

The series will cover seven different topic areas, each containing a panel discussion, member interviews, a presentation and a written information resource.

Critically appraising research

This resource looks at the importance of evaluating research critically, covering what you need to look for and how to know if findings can be generalised and to whom. You'll also learn what to look for in a published article to help assess the quality of the research.

It includes a panel discussion with Dr Jo Pybis, Dr Wayne Full, Dr Faisal Mahmood and Dr Sofie Bager-Charleson.

Presenting at conferences

This resource explains what a conference abstract is and what needs to be included, how to structure your presentation or poster presentation and how to engage with your audience.

It includes a panel presentation with Mick Cooper, Roz Shafran and Dr Jo Pybis.

Research ethics

This resource provides real examples of the importance of obtaining ethical approval for your research and how it can protect both you, the researcher, and your research participants. It also offers insight into the process of obtaining ethical approval for research.

It includes:

  • panel discussion with Dr Alistair Ross, Dr Andrew Reeves and Dr Clare Symons
  • interviews with BACP members Dr Doreen Fleet and Dr Kirshen Rundle who share their experience

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Using routine outcome measures in practice

This resource discusses what ROMs are and how they might be useful in practice. It also considers when it might be difficult or inappropriate to use ROMs and how to choose the right ROMs for your practice.

It includes:

  • interview with Julia Bailey about her use of ROMs
  • presentation from Phil Almond about the use of ROMs in IAPT services
  • panel discussion with Dr Jo Pybis, Dr Kim de Jong, Tonia Mihill and Charlie Duncan

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BACP’s Advancing Practice through Tracking (AdaPT) project

Writing a research proposal

This resource aims to support you in understanding what a research proposal is, how to refine your research question and develop your research proposal.

It includes:

  • panel discussion with Dr Naomi Moller, Dr Jeanette Roddy and Dr Clare Symons
  • interview with BACP member Belinda Ford, who shares her experience of writing a research proposal for her professional doctorate
  • PowerPoint presentation about writing a research proposal

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More good research practice resources coming soon...

  • Developing research methodology
  • Writing for publication
  • Further discussion around research ethics