You'll see resources in your content catalogue that are available to you based on your subscriptions.

Visit our Learning centre information page for more details.

CPD hub subscribers can now access all existing CPD hub subscriber resources from the Learning centre content catalogue. All members will be able to access the Therapy Today podcasts and Staying Connected presentations within the Learning centre soon.

You'll also see links to other resources currently hosted outside of the Learning centre that may interest you.

I'm having trouble accessing the Learning centre

If you have any issues accessing the Learning centre, please email us at with clear screen captures of the issue and as much information you can provide. 

We aim to respond as quickly as possible so you can get into the system and continue your learning with minimal delay.

Searching the catalogue

Use keywords to search the catalogue for content that interests you. You can also use the filters to narrow down your search further to find the most relevant resources for you.

Watch our video of tips for using the catalogue search.

My learning

Find content you've started but not yet completed.

How to save content to My learning

Search for something you’re interested in, click on Open or Start and the resource will launch. Once started, content is automatically flagged as In progress and will appear in your My learning area. You can choose to watch the content now, or return to it later.

Need more help? Watch our My learning tips video.

Completing content

Content you access from start to finish will be automatically flagged as complete by the system. Or, if you've accessed just part of a resource which was relevant to you, you can choose to manually complete a resource by clicking on the Mark completed option on the content page.

Both completion options will automatically record the resource in the Log completed CPD area in the My CPD tool. The automatic record will already be populated with the activity title, description, completion date and length. You can go in and manually adjust any of these fields as you wish, and complete additional reflections on the content.

View our My CPD help page for more information.

Downloading a certificate

Visit the CPD certificates area by clicking on the CPD certificates button in the top bar of the Learning centre.

You'll see a list of all content you've completed, with the option to download your certificate.

Certificates are automatically completed with your name, the title of the resource you accessed and the date of completion.

Need more help? Watch a walkthrough of how to download a certificate.

Other features

  • Featured content - find newly launched content or relevant resources that might interest you. You can find featured content via the catalogue filters, or by clicking on the featured content option when you first enter the Learning centre.
  • View again - use this area to find and return to content you've already completed
  • Learning history - use this area to review the content you've accessed in a timeline. Sort by completed or in progress resources and print a copy for your records.

Frequently asked questions

I have a question about my CPD hub subscription.

Please visit our CPD hub FAQ pages

I have a question about the My CPD tool.

Please visit our My CPD help page


I completed a content item but it hasn't appeared in My CPD area yet.

It may take a few minutes for the system to register the record. If it still hasn't appeared after a few minutes, refresh the Log completed CPD page.

Will the video pick back up where I stopped it last?

Unfortunately, the video player can't currently skip to the last place you stopped. But you can return to the resource via your My learning area, so you don't have to search for it again.

What is a learning path?

A learning path brings together multiple linked resources, such as a video presentation, followed by video Q&A.

What are keywords?

Keywords are searchable terms which can be found in each presentation. When a specific keyword is searched, for example, 'Grief', all presentations including the keyword 'Grief' are generated.  

Content or search pages are white when I click on them.

This means the page is taking time to load. Please give it a few minutes before refreshing your browser and it should work.

Why is there a ‘ratings’ and ‘due’ option in the ‘Sort order’ drop down?

These are global system functions within the Learning centre platform. We're not using these functions currently but may switch them on in the future. Filtering by ‘ratings’ or ‘due’ in the drop will return no content results.

How do I clear my ‘View again’?

If you’ve marked content ‘as complete’ it will appear in the ‘View again’ area. If you do not wish for a piece of content to appear in this area then ‘mark as incomplete’ and it will be removed from the ‘view again’ area.

Is the system accessibility compliant?

Yes. The Learning centre is distributed by Agylia who aim to ensure that the Learning centre meets level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and Section 508 conformance. The system is regularly tested to identify any issues, including the use of accessibility evaluation tools and verifying that the learner portal operates with the most commonly used assistive technologies - including screen magnifiers, screen readers and speech recognition tools.

What accessibility tools can I find in the system?

All videos are subtitled and all audio recordings have a downloadable transcript. Our video player also includes a searchable transcript. 

To see the subtitles, play the video. Hover your cursor over the video player and select the square icon next to the progress bar. Select English from the options displayed.   

The video player can also be expanded to full screen. Additional handouts are supplied in PDF format, and PowerPoint format where possible.

Why does the My achievements area have headings for 'Expiry date' and 'Score'?

These are global system functions within the Learning centre platform. We're not using these functions currently but may switch them on in the future.

How can I provide my thoughts and feedback on the Learning centre?

We’d welcome your feedback on the Learning centre, and any future developments you’d like to see. Complete our short survey to let us know your thoughts. To contact the team directly, please email

Playing the videos or audio recordings

The video or audio keeps stopping and starting (buffering) 

There can be several reasons for this. Even the best broadband speed can vary dramatically over time due to: 

  • other people in your household overloading your router by streaming, downloading or simply browsing the web
  • neighbours with the same internet provider using the internet heavily - this can be particularly noticeable at peak times
  • the current status of your service provider
  • the current status of your computer or device

As buffering issues are caused by your local broadband connection, or the device you are using to access the content, they are outside of our control. We can only offer tips and advice on how to combat the problems. We hope these tips will be helpful. 

Can I change to a different quality? 

Play the video and hover your cursor over the video player.The progress bar will appear at the bottom of the video. 

Click onHD(High Definition quality). This will switch the quality of the video toSD(Standard Definition quality), which will have less of a demand on your internet connection. 

What things can affect the quality of videos in the Learning centre? 

Watching Netflix or a similar streaming service, downloading software or apps, online gaming or even just browsing the web could affect the stream. 

Check to see if other devices in your household are using your internet connection at the same time. More devices will consume the bandwidthof the connection. (Bandwidth is themaximum amount of usage that your internet connection can handle at any one time.) 

Many home internet routers cannot handle more than a couple of devices at a time and can quickly become overloaded if a household is using many devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart TVs or similar). 

Check that your router can cope with multiple device usage, or disconnect any devices that are not required during the stream. 

Is internet speed important? 

Low internet speed can cause buffering. 

We recommend a minimum internet speed of at least 5 Megabits per second. You cantest your connection speed(you need to check the download speed). 

Contact your internet service provider if you're unsure about your internet speed, if you think your connection is slower than expected, or if you experience any other issues with your internet connection. 

Do I need to update my browser or any plugins? 

It's important to update your internet browser and web plugins (JavaScript and Adobe Flash player) regularly to ensure the best performance of your browser. 

If you're unsure how to update your browser, you can find tutorials online via Google search. 

Do I need to update my anti-virus protection? 

Out of date anti-virus software can affect the performance of your device. 

Make sure that you regularly update your software to ensure your computer or device is properly protected. 

Is there anything else that can affect the stream? 

Make sure that the device you're using to access the video content isn't running any updates, and close any non-essential programmes while watching the stream. 

Watching videos using the internet will use your device's resources. If it's running a lot of programmes or systems in the background, this could cause buffering issues. 

I keep getting a ‘media could not be loaded' error message. What should I do? 

Unfortunately this issue relates to some of our older videos. We are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can try updating your web browser or try watching content on a different browser.

This should fix the problem however if you are still experiencing issues, please contact us 


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