I'm having trouble accessing the Learning centre

If you have any issues accessing the Learning centre, please email us at learningcentre@bacp.co.uk with clear screen captures of the issue and as much information you can provide. 

We aim to respond as quickly as possible so you can get into the system and continue your learning with minimal delay.

Plan your CPD

Every time you renew your membership, think about your CPD needs for the coming year and record these on the plan. You can identify multiple themes for each membership year, allowing you to capture all your potential CPD needs. Your plans may change, so you can go back as many times as you like and update or amend your record.

Navigating the overview page

Your list of planned activities will continue to grow over time. You can sort your list using the Title, Start date or Completion date headings. Go back to look at the detail of any of your planned activities by selecting the title.

Add a new activity to your plan

Select Add activity to complete details or write your reflections on each area you plan to cover. Add a new entry for each area.

The fields in this form are mandatory, showing that you must complete all sections to meet the requirements of Registered membership. You’ll be able to save each activity without completing all fields, but if you’re a Registered member don’t forget to go back and complete the whole form to make sure you’re meeting your membership commitments.

Watch our tips video for help creating your plan.

Log completed CPD

Record completed CPD content in your log throughout your membership year.

Navigating the overview page

By default, this page will show your current membership period. The progress circle is a quick reminder of how far through your membership year you are.

  • Period - use this drop down to view records from previous years
  • Show filters - use this option to search your record using keywords. You can refine your search further using the date filters.
  • Title, Type, Date, Complete - click on any of these headings to sort your list. You can go back to look at the detail of any of your logged activities by selecting the title of each record.
  • Export completed activities - download a PDF booklet showing all the CPD you’ve completed in that year, or adjust the dates to export a specific range. You can also choose to download a data file (Zip with CSV).
  • Supporting information - use this text box to add any notes relating  to the current period.

Recording a completed activity

Watch our tips video for recording a completed activity.

Automatic recording

To make things easier for you, all content completed within the Learning centre catalogue is automatically recorded. Content must be marked as Complete to appear in the log.

Automatically recorded entries are auto-populated with the content title and description. You can go into each record to add the additional information required whenever you want. We recommend doing so as soon as possible after completing the CPD activity.

Log an activity you completed elsewhere

You can also manually add activities completed outside of the Learning centre.

Select Log activity to record details for each completed piece of CPD.

Mandatory fields and saving draft records

The fields in the Log activity form are mandatory to show that all sections should be completed to meet the requirements of Registered membership.

You can save a partially completed record to return to later. You may want to complete the factual elements straight after completing an activity, and then take time to reflect on the activity and complete the other fields at a later date.

When you’re happy that the log of the completed activity is finished, deselect the Draft tick box before saving the record and a tick will appear in the Complete column in the overview page.

Submit for review

You’ll see a Submit for review button on the Log completed CPD overview page. This button is disabled unless you’re asked to participate in the Register Audit. If you’re selected for audit, we’ll email to let you know.

To make submitting your CPD record easier, you can send it to us directly from the platform using the Submit for review button. After submitting, your record will freeze while the Register assessment team review the detail.

The Register Audit process hasn’t changed, and you can find out more about it here.

Supporting information comment box

Use this area to add comments to support your CPD record. You may find this area particularly helpful if you’re submitting your record for audit through this system, but it could be useful to capture any thoughts for your own reference. Any comments posted are saved to the record and can’t be deleted.

Linking your CPD plan and log

We’d recommend getting into the habit of demonstrating how your planned activities relate to your logged activities. If you’re selected for audit, you’ll be asked to show us how your completed activities logged in the Log your CPD area relate to your planned activities recorded in the Plan your CPD area. Within the My CPD area, we’re working on new functionality to help with this, but in the meantime you’ll need to record this manually within your records.

The easiest way to do this is to number your planned and logged activities so that they correspond. Download this example, which suggests how you can do this.

Frequently asked questions

Why have you developed the online My CPD tool?

We're committed to supporting member and equipping you with the tools you need to meet the requirements of your membership. The online My CPD tool aims to make it easier for you to track your CPD, and easier than ever to collate and submit your records if you're selected to participate in the Register Audit.

We’d welcome your feedback on the Learning centre, and any future developments you’d like to see. Complete our short survey to let us know your thoughts. To contact the team directly, please email learningcentre@bacp.co.uk

If I add information to the My CPD area, who can access it ?

The Learning centre is administered by the Member Resources and Register teams and only these teams have access.

Only the Register team will access your My CPD record. Additionally, they will only access your record if you’re selected for the Register audit, and only when you’ve selected the Submit for review button to indicate that you’re happy for us to view your records. Our support team will only access your record at any other time, with your permission, to support you if you’re having difficulties.

At no other time will a BACP staff member access the detail of any of the fields you complete in your My CPD plan and log area.

Please see our privacy notice for further information.

I undertake lots of CPD throughout the year. Do I have to fill in a record for everything I do?

We know members are committed to their own development and often undertake vast amounts of CPD. There isn’t a limit to how much information you can add to your record using the My CPD tool. In some cases, you may want to record a brief overview without filling in all fields – this is your system and you choose how much to use it.

However, if you're a Registered member, check your membership requirements - we’d expect you to record the full details for a range of activities. 

Why are there so many fields within the My CPD area?

The fields for either planning your CPD or logging your completed CPD replicate the original mandatory Word template that all Registered members currently complete to track their CPD.

There are some additional fields in the My CPD tool to help support you in recording your activities, but all of these are optional. 

How much information do I need to provide?

Many of the fields are free text boxes. These fields will continue to expand if you add more information.

We expect Registered members to ‘show clearly how you have reflected, planned, actioned and evaluated your development needs and indicate how this will have an impact in your practice’. 

I've deselected the 'draft' tick box when completing a record, but it's not marked as completed in my overview page.

You'll need to ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk are completed for the 'completed' tick to appear next to a record on your overview page.

I’d planned to do a particular activity but now my circumstances have changed. Will I be penalised for this?

We’d encourage you to continue to keep a record of a planned activity even if you don’t go on to complete it (although the system will allow you to delete if you wish).

If you’re selected for the Register audit we’d generally expect that what you planned to do during the year is what you actually did. However, we recognise that plans can change for a variety of reasons. You can add supporting information in  the Learning centre so you could use this space to explain the reasons to the audit assessment team.

I’m not on the Register yet. Should I still use this tool to capture my CPD?

The My CPD tool is available for all members to use. By planning and recording your CPD in this way, you’ll already be familiar with the process when you join the Register. 

Much of my CPD relates to an activity that won’t be completed by the end of this membership year. How should I capture this information?

It’s common for activities to be undertaken across multiple membership years – for example this may be a special interest group that meets quarterly and you’ve been attending for several years, or study for further qualification that will be completed over two years. In these cases, it's up to you to decide how you capture this information. You could:

  • create the record for the completed activity, but leave it as draft until you can complete all the required fields
  • add the activity and complete all fields for the relevant year (this may be appropriate for the special interest group example given above) 
  • add the activity, but record it as ‘year 1, year 2 etc’ in the title. At the end of the year, complete all the required fields based on your experience in that year (this may be appropriate for the study for a further qualification example given above)

Can I export my record to keep a copy offline?

You can export both your planned activities and your log of completed CPD as a PDF to keep for your own records. You can also download CPD certificates for any content completed within the Learning centre from the Achievements section.

Is my record backed up?

Yes. The Learning centre is hosted in a fully secure cloud data centre located in the UK. The information stored in your My CPD area is backed up daily and complies with the appropriate data laws and privacy information provided via our terms and conditions for the Learning centre.

I've completed a resource in the Learning centre and downloaded my certificate from Achievements. Can I add the certificate to my record?

If you'd like to include your CPD certificate alongside your completed record, you'll need to upload it via the Evidence upload option when editing the record for that piece of CPD.

However, we don't require you to include your certificate for any resources completed within the Learning centre. You can still download a certificate via Achievements if you'd like to keep one for your records, or if you'd like to export your whole record.

I previously uploaded my certificates via my member dashboard (account area), will these pull through to the Learning centre?

CPD certificates uploaded to the Add new qualifications button in your dashboard (account area) won’t be pulled through into the new Learning centre system.

The Add new qualifications button on the member dashboard (account area) enables you to provide details of your core practitioner qualifications to support an upgrade request for membership. This process sits separately to the ongoing requirement of Registered members to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each membership year and keep a record of this in a structured way.

Any online CPD content completed from this point forward within the Learning centre will automatically be logged in your My CPD area. You can choose to manually add any past CPD records into the My CPD system, or to manually add any content completed outside of the Learning centre as well. However, we’re not expecting members to immediately transition to using the My CPD tool. We want the tool to be useful for you, so it’s not mandatory and you can choose how you use it.

Is the My CPD tool accessible?

Yes. The Learning centre is distributed by Agylia who aim to ensure that the Learning centre meets level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and Section 508 conformance. The system is regularly tested to identify any issues, including the use of accessibility evaluation tools and verifying that the learner portal operates with the most commonly used assistive technologies - including screen magnifiers, screen readers and speech recognition tools.

I have a question about accessing content in the Learning centre.

Visit our content catalogue help page for more information.