Watch our Chair Andrew Reeves, Chief Executive Hadyn Williams and Chief Professional Standards Officer Fiona Ballantine Dykes face a range of questions about the SCoPEd project during a panel discussion.

They were grilled on topics including the stages of the consultation and project, titles used in the framework and the difference between counselling and psychotherapy.

Subjects discussed also included employment, training, the representation of different modalities within the project, the collaboration between the three professional bodies and much more.

They also spoke about the reaction of members to the project, including on social media.

The questions were put to them by Faisal Mahmood, a senior lecturer in counselling at Birmingham Newman University, and had been submitted by members ahead of the discussion.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a question.


Timings: Questions and key topics during the panel discussion.

00:46 What is your response to members’ anger about SCoPEd?

03:55 Why is SCoPEd is needed?

06:00 Discussion about titles

07:25 What has not been captured by the research findings? (ie counsellors undertaking assessment)

13:50 How will a focus on entry points affect people with experience?

16:07 Can you give some reassurance for members?

18:05: What is BACP’s position on difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

21:35 Discussion on impact SCoPEd may have on counsellors and psychotherapists.

25:00 How will you ensure that BACP is not part of a rigid, status quo system?

27:40 Will the collaboration be widened out?

29:00 Is this a psychodynamic coup?

30:30 Discussion on BPC and UKCP and clarity around titles.

33:06 Discussion on transitioning from one title to another.

33:35 How will you support the silent voice in favour of SCoPEd?

43:50 Discussion about counselling’s perception as a voluntary or semi-professional job.

55:00 What will you do if, in 12 months time, SCoPEd, does not follow the direction you want it to go?

58:30 What’s the maximum time before the next iteration of the framework – and the end point?

Watch clips from the discussion