Our new ethics consultant, Sarah Watson, can support you with ethical dilemmas presented by your clients or queries relating to the provision of therapy to children and young people (CYP).

Sarah is a BACP registered and senior accredited (CYP) psychotherapist. She currently runs a counselling service in Northumberland which covers several schools, and she also oversees and clinically supervises all the therapists in the service.

Sarah said, “I’m very excited for my new post of BACP CYP Ethics Consultant. I look forward to speaking to members and helping with ethical dilemmas and decisions. I know from my own day to day experiences from my clients and teams that working with young people can be a forever challenging area and I'm excited to be able to help.

"I'm a qualified bereavement counsellor and have worked in depth with grief and loss. In recent years I've focused my training on self-harm, suicide, risk taking behaviours, vulnerable adolescents, eating disorders and LGBTQ. I enjoy being part of a pride group for our students.”

Sarah will be available on Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings. You can book an appointment via the Ethics hub.

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson, our new ethics consultant