The dedicated Private Practice toolkit, which brings together a range of existing and new resources, is designed to support members through every stage of working in private practice. The toolkit is divided into several topics which cover everything from how to set up a new practice, to developing or maintaining an existing practice, as well as guidance on working alone.

Designed in collaboration with Lesley Ludlow and Caz Binstead from our Private Practice division executive, the toolkit has launched earlier than planned to provide members with additional support during this very difficult and challenging time.

Lesley Ludlow, chair of our Private Practice division, introduces members to our new  toolkit

Caz Binstead, Private Practice division lead on the project, says: “A dedicated hub for the many BACP registered private practitioners, that offers support throughout their journey, will be a much welcome addition for members. We have a plethora of content already on the site, and our aim going forward is to produce new material that enables practitioners to consider and reflect on the different facets of running both an ethical and sustainable business.”

Adam Pollard, our product manager and project lead for the toolkit, explains: “We know that over 30,000 of our members are working in private practice in some capacity so we designed this project to bring together a huge array of existing resources into one dedicated platform, offering support and guidance at every stage of the private practice journey.

“This is only the beginning; although we have launched today, this is an organic project and we’ll continue to add new content in the coming months to ensure it remains relevant, innovative and engaging.”

Over 80% of the articles and resources in the toolkit are free to access. Our free online Private Practice journal subscription will allow you to view the current and future journals and access archived articles. You can browse the content by issue or use the journal search to find articles on specific topics.

We’ve also added free access to two of the most relevant CPD presentations. To access the full suite of CPD content included in the toolkit, subscribe to our CPD hub. The subscription costs £25 a year and contains over 200 hours of online presentations on a variety of topics which you can use towards your CPD requirements.

Caz added: “We are delighted that much of the content on the site is free to all members, which offers valuable support to those considering, or currently working in private practice. I, along with our chair Lesley Ludlow, and the rest of the Private Practice divisional executives, hope you really benefit from what is being offered, and we look forward to welcoming anyone who is interested in joining our division for additional support.”

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions so we can ensure the toolkit continues to meet your needs. To get in touch, please email

To view the new resources, visit the Private practice toolkit on our website.