The long-term mental health impact of the pandemic, schools reopening after lockdown and our relationships were among the topics our members spoke about in the media.

Hadyn Williams, our Chief Executive, talked to the Metro about the mental health challenges facing the country because of the pandemic.

Hadyn also talked about the issues that people are facing; the ways in which counselling can help and the steps government needs to take to improve access for people.

His comments were backed up by statistics from our Public Perceptions Survey with YouGov into the mental health impact of the pandemic.

Jo Holmes, our Children, Young People and Families Lead, contributed to an article in the Guardian about the need for school counselling support when lockdown measures eased and children returned to the classroom.

And Jo’s reaction to a lack of funding in the Budget for counselling in secondary schools, academies and further education colleges featured in FE News.

Dee Albert featured in the ITV1 programme Harry and Meghan: The Week That Shook The Royals, which examined the fallout from their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Emma Davey shared her expertise with the Daily Mail for a feature on relationships with a narcissistic partner.

The Daily Telegraph spoke to Cate Campbell about avoiding conflict when the parent-child roles reverse, and also to Pam Custers about sister-in-law relationships and healing family rifts.

Rochelle Armstrong contributed to an article in Refinery29 about mixed race women discussing race in their families. Deone Payne-James also featured in Refinery 29 in a discussion about how therapy and self-care can help when experiencing racial burnout.

The Huff Post featured insight from Natasha Page as it examined the impact of the pandemic on our mental health while Abby Rawlinson contributed to an article on the Sheerluxe website about looking after our mental health as the lockdowns lift.

Eve Menezes Cunningham and William Pullen talked to Stylist about the mental health benefits of strength training while Lorraine Collins talked to People’s Friend magazine about overcoming phobias.

Jennie Cummings-Knight highlighted the need for mental health to be afforded equal status as physical health on BBC Radio Norfolk. She also talked to ITV Anglia’s evening news programme about the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on bereavement and the grieving process.