Our members have been featured in the media recently talking about sibling rivalries, Stress Awareness Month and improving access to counselling in Northern Ireland as well as the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Fiona Ballantine Dykes, our Deputy Chief Executive, joined our member Lorraine Collins for a feature in the Sunday Express on the mental health toll of the pandemic and lockdowns on women.

Lorraine spoke about the emotional effect the lockdowns have had on women who may be juggling multiple roles, such as working and caring for a loved one, while not having the mental or physical space to decompress.

And Fiona encouraged people to seek professional help to overcome mental health obstacles.

Mental health impact of the pandemic

Their comments were backed up with statistics from our annual Public Perceptions Survey with YouGov, which examined the mental health impact of the pandemic on the country. Figures from the survey have also been used by BBC London and The Metro.

The Metro, meanwhile, spoke to Andrew Harvey about how to tackle a confidence crisis at work.

Kemi Omijeh shared her expertise with the Daily Telegraph for an article on sibling rivalries.

Abby Rawlinson was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live about coping with re-entry anxiety and adjusting to the easing of lockdown restrictions.

The website Patient featured a contribution from Sally Brown in its feature on why spending time outdoors can improve your health.

Reduce stress

FQ magazine featured tips to reduce stress from Sharon Hinsull as part of Stress Awareness Month.

Lina Mookerjee contributed to an article in Facilities Management Journal about the need for employers and HR teams to provide emotional support to employees going through divorce or relationship breakdown.

Steve Mulligan, our Four Nations Lead, featured in a number of newspapers and websites in Northern Ireland, as part of a campaign to improve access to counselling across the country.