In 2021, we launched a survey asking how we can make the individual accreditation process more accessible. We received over 6,900 responses which were analysed to identify potential barriers faced by members.

Some of the key areas fed back included:

  • reducing the cost of accreditation for those needing additional financial support
  • providing simpler and alternative forms of guidance
  • providing alternative support mechanisms or ways of applying for those with a learning difference or disability

Alongside this, BACP launched a new EDI strategy in early 2022 with far-reaching aims, backed by approved funding, with increasing accessibility at the heart of the strategy.

As a response to the survey, and as part of the EDI strategy, we’ve employed a Support and Inclusion Officer to offer individual support to those who need it, and also launched an audio application pilot.  

In addition, we're now delighted to announce the launch of a number of measures to reduce the cost of accreditation for those who would benefit from financial support.

From 1 June 2023, we'll be implementing the following financial reductions to the accreditation application fee:

  • members who have already been awarded a full reduced membership fee will only need to pay a £25 administration fee at the time of applying
  • a reduced accreditation application fee can be offered to those who are already in receipt of the reduced membership fee on the membership sliding scale

Reimbursement of additional costs 

For members with disabilities or learning differences who need to pay for additional help with their application, such as a proof-reader, specialist accessibility software or learning support, we can reimburse up to 50% of the cost of the application fee to cover any additional costs incurred.

You can find out more about the additional support available to members applying for accreditation on the BACP website.

We also have an accreditation FAQ’s page.

If you have questions about the financial support measures, or would like any additional support, email our accreditation team and we'll get in touch with you.