During the transition period members who wish to, will be able to move between our membership categories, which are aligned to the standards of the SCoPEd framework columns, where they have the relevant skills, training, knowledge and experience to do so via temporary accreditation mechanisms. You’ll be able to apply on our accreditation pages from 12 noon on Wednesday 7 February.

Every single BACP member represented on the SCoPEd framework is a qualified professional working to high standards of proficiency, professionalism and ethical practice, and changing lives for the better.

Whatever your membership category, you’ll still be able to:

  • provide the services you currently do
  • practise competences in other SCoPEd columns providing you have the right skills, knowledge, training and experience to do so

This is in line with our existing Ethical Framework, which states that BACP members must work within the limits of their competence. Visit our where will I be represented in the SCoPEd framework web page for more information.

We expect the transition period to last until February 2026 when we’ll enter the integration period. At this time:

  • membership category entry requirements will be fully aligned with SCoPEd columns A, B and C
  • additional and permanent accreditation schemes and routes, mapped to the SCoPEd standards and competences of columns B and C, will open, enabling members to move membership categories should they wish to
  • new accreditation routes will be available which reflect training and experience gained through practice and CPD

Courses may need longer to integrate any changes into their training programmes and will have until early 2028 to do so.

We believe the SCoPEd framework will:

  • encourage more diversity in the profession, ensuring it’s accessible to therapists with different backgrounds and types or levels of training; distinguish qualified therapists from those whose training doesn’t meet the framework’s minimum standards
  • increase access to paid opportunities for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists wherever they are represented in the framework
  • enable all therapists to thrive and continue to provide all the services they currently do and provide professional counselling and psychotherapy help to more people across society.

We’ll continue to support members with regular updates and work with partners as we progress these stages.   

Visit SCoPEd for more information or visit our SCoPEd FAQ page if you have any questions.