I look forward to the AGM each year as it provides an opportunity for us to share the work we’ve been doing as an Association with you, hear your views and look ahead as we approach a new year.

The last couple of years saw a shift in how we deliver the AGM and many of our other events and conferences. While online events are an accessible way to allow all to attend, I know many of us have been looking forward to a time when we’d again be able to meet in person and regain the interaction that was missing for so long due to the pandemic.

I’ve been so pleased to see BACP returning to offer some in person events. As brilliant as online events are, there is something special about attending an event in person and being in the room with everyone.

This year’s AGM takes place on Friday 11 November and I’m delighted we’re able to offer it as a hybrid event, giving you the choice to attend either online or in person in Leicester. Planning is well on the way for the event to be an informative and interactive day and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there in person or online.  

Before we get to this year’s event, there are several important stages to go through.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a motion or a resolution. The support phase is currently ongoing and you have until Friday 9 September to show your support for resolutions and motions. You'll have received an email from MiVoice with more information about how you can get involved. 

Nominations for our Governor elections are also open until Friday 9 September and this year, one new Trustee will be elected to the Board of Governors by the membership. Please keep an eye on your inbox for reminders from MiVoice on both processes.

The Board are collectively responsible for the long-term success of BACP. In order to achieve this, the Board’s role is to provide entrepreneurial leadership for BACP within a framework of prudent and effective risk management. We also set the company’s strategic aims, ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for BACP to meet its objectives, review management performance, set BACP’s values and standards and ensure that BACP’s obligations to members, stakeholders and the public are understood and met. To make sure we do this well, trustees are expected to bring a wide range of skills and experience to the deliberations of the Board, particularly in the area of strategy and business development. Each trustee brings something unique to the process of collective decision-making and in shaping the work we do and undergoes a full induction and training.

If you’ve ever thought about standing for election onto the Board, you might want to consider that being a trustee is a huge responsibility which requires a considerable level of commitment. When you become a  trustee you're expected to discharge your duties ethically, with a view towards the sustainability of the BACP. As a Board, we ensure that our decisions comply with the requirements of Companies House and the Charities Commission, as well as other laws, regulations and codes of practice.  

It can be both a challenging and rewarding experience being on the Board as it offers the opportunity to be part of a vibrant team and to positively influence our Association.

You can keep up with the latest on our AGM on our website.

BACP's Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors are elected, appointed or co-opted to oversee our strategic direction and the management of the Association. They provide strong leadership, enhance our decision making and make sure we achieve our objectives.