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Imperfect therapist
Relationships: “Will we ever get it right, this relationship thing? Is our struggle with relationships what keeps the clients coming?"

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Positive goodbye

"One positive to have emerged over the last 18  months is how our profession has adapted creatively to lockdown" 

From the Joint Chair, Lesley Ludlow

Looking at life

Sarah Van Gogh

"Therapy... is at the affect of a pressure to choose which lens we should be looking at life through"

My practice, Sarah Van Gogh


Jim Holloway

"Your perception of yourself as a practitioner in the marketplace may be very different from how others see you"

Supervision, Jim Holloway


Alex Sanderson Shortt

"When clients first arrive, their language is often mired in the lexicon of winning and losing, right and wrong"

Relationships, Alex Sanderson-Shortt