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Whispers of hope

Maureen Slattery-Marsh

"Hope sits between faith and love. It is both a verb and a noun – growing, rising, energising – and is most often recognised in how it moves and uplifts us"

From the Chair, Maureen Slattery-Marsh

Spirituality through a critical lens

Jose Leal

"Everything casts a shadow, and spirituality’s shadow is directly proportional to its light. If spirituality activates our curiosity, it can hyper-fascinate us and trap us in a never-ending, shallow spell of novelty and excitement"

Spiritually ambivalent therapist, José Luis Leal 

Dreaming of holidays

Alistair Ross

"I think clients have a ‘sixth sense’ as to whether they are with someone who offers them a level integrity, emerging out of their being, rather than using a therapeutic technique"

Real world spirituality, Alistair Ross


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