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Inside view with Katy Hobday
Katy Hobday is a Senior Events Organiser at BACP.

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We share the key learnings from the monthly network division meetings.

A training ground for trauma with Hilda McKinney

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Won't you celebrate with me

Maureen Slattery-Marsh

"So, as 2022 unfolds, what do we carry in our pockets and hearts to encourage and inspire us in the shaping of our lives?"

From the Chair, Maureen Slattery-Marsh

The spiritual marketplace

Jose Leal

"The tension rests on whether the spiritual marketplace provides creative resources for spiritually charged issues, or whether it manipulates individuals into consumption and preys on their spiritual needs."

Spiritually ambivalent therapist, José Luis Leal 

The virtues of vulnerability

Alistair Ross

"Stripping away layers of the psyche takes time, patience and real commitment. It can leave us feeling exposed, with no shiny, glossy surface to hide the scars accumulated over years."

Real world spirituality, Alistair Ross