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Edith Stokes is BACP's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager.

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Q and A about the student spirituality forum, with Manaal Mulla
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Breathe the breath between

Maureen Slattery-Marsh

"The ‘breaths between’ my client and me are also taking on new significance. I am more sensitively attuned to the reciprocation occurring in the space and rhythm of our breathing patterns."

From the Chair, Maureen Slattery-Marsh

Blinded by the light

Jose Leal

"…we may believe that as therapists we have found the ultimate cure, intervention or perspective that brings light to everything and everyone, erasing clients’ lived experiences and their unique wisdom."

Spiritually ambivalent therapist, José Luis Leal 

Inner and outer landscapes

Alistair Ross

"The latter part of life is a time when we become increasingly aware of an inner landscape. It has always been there, quietly present, waiting for the right moment to come into being, as if ignited by a divine spark"

Real world spirituality, Alistair Ross


1 Heath B. Songs from a window: end-of-life stories from the music therapy room. First edition. United Kingdom: Self-published; 2021